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New Price Schedule WF-18-A, Effective March 19, 2018
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News All information that we feel is important and would like to pass on to our customers can be found in this area of our site. To look through the archives, click here or select the News button above.
Company To view any information regarding our company, you can click here or select the menu above, and you can view things as a brief history of TFA, our locations, contact information, and our Canadian registration data.
Products Anything regarding our products is found in this area. You are able to view our list of products we manufacture and our current price schedule.
Customer Login This is a password protected section of our site where authorized customers are allowed to view the status of any open sales orders, create a CMTR, check inventory availability, or submit an online sales inquiry.
Other Everything else that is not covered above you will find here. There is a feedback and search form, and the ability to order some free promotional items and subscribe to our mailing list.  




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